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SIGNATURE N°3 is an invitation to discover creative and contemporary France.

"Creativity is something artistically new, something that is original and mezmerising." Ankie Beilke

Find out how Ankie Beilke defines creativity in our exclusive interview.

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- In the arts field, do you prefer painting or sculptures?

Ankie Beilke - I am better at painting for sure, but I admire sculptures like Michaelangelo’s "David."

- In the world of German painters, are you more Dürer or Cornelius?

Albrecht Dürer has always inspired me. He is an astonishing Renaissance artist.

- John Galliano or Karl Lagerfield?

Karl Lagerfeld.

- How would you describe SIGNATURE N°3?

My favourite is the N°3 Rosé. It is fresh, supple, round and full-bodied...perfect for any occasion. The N°3 red is velvety and very easy to drink after a day at work – it works with so many different dishes, both Western and Asian.

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N°3 Red is made from Syrah, Carignan and Grenache grapes, giving it a dark red colour, and a full-bodied, spicy taste. Aged in oak barrels for 6 months, it has velvety aromas of black fruit, making it a perfect choice for barbeque meat, pasta, lamb, stir-fried beef, aged cheese and ham.

N°3 Rosé is fresh, supple and full-bodied, made from Carignan, Grenache and Syrah grapes. With a raspberry, cherry and floral aromas, it has a beautiful rose-petal pink colour, it is perfect with stuffed calamari, grilled vegetables, Chinese pork belly and Sichuan cucumber salad.

N°3 White is made from a combination of Macabeu, Grenache and Marsanne from the Languedoc region in France.With aromas of white peach, almond and hawthorn, it is a golden yellow colour and perfect with veal, pasta and mixed vegetables.