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Enjoy the taste of Success with our N°8 collection

"It is always exciting to share the red carpet in Cannes with so many talented people from all over the world. Every year is a different experience and always so memorable." Ankie Beilke

Discover how Ankie defines success in our exclusive interview.

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- Are you more Fashion Week or Festival de Cannes?

Ankie Beilke - Cannes for sure... but I also enjoy Fashion week a lot.

- What are your best memories in your career as an actress/model?

There are so many different memories and fun stories to share, I just feel blessed to have worked with so many creative and talented people in my life so far.

- What is your favourite movie?

Like wine, I like different genres. It all depends on the occasion and the mood.

- How would you describe SIGNATURE N°8?

I enjoy N°8 Rose especially. It’s perfect for festivities and special occasions.

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Ideal for celebrating those festive occasions or to share with your loved ones as a cocktail or with dessert, N°8 Brut and No°8 Rosé will surprise you with their delicious floral aromas and refreshing taste.

N°8 Brut is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Its refreshing taste is filled with nuances of yellow apple and wild flowers.

N°8 Rosé is made from the finest Syrah and Grenanche grapes. With aromas of wild strawberries and rose, it is perfect balance between refreshing acidity and pleasant fruitiness.