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The N°1 collection is a tribute to French culture and authenticity.

"The Eiffel Tower is a great symbol... Beautiful views of Paris, filled with passion, romance and a bit of darkness." Ankie Beilke

Discover more about how Ankie feels about tradition in our exclusive interview.

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- Do you prefer white, red or rosé wines? And why?

Ankie Beilke - I love them all. My choice depends on the location, food and weather.

- Would you prefer a French restaurant in Montmartre or on the Champs Elysées?

Champs Elysées for sure.

- Coco Chanel or Yves Saint-Laurent?

I love both....but currently I’m in a Coco Chanel phase.

- The Oktoberfest in Munich or a VIP cocktail at the Ritz Hotel in Paris?

The Oktoberfest for the fun energy it brings, but a VIP cocktail is something to enjoy on special occasions.

- How would you describe SIGNATURE N°1 red, white and rosé?

N°1 white is awesome. N°1 Red has black berries and cassis, goes well with warm dishes and is something I would share with my mother, since she is a red wine lover. N°1 Rose is fresh, light and fruity. Nicely chilled, it’s perfect for a warm summer day out with friends.

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N°1 Red is made from Merlot, Caladoc and Grenache grapes, giving it a ruby-red colour. Its flowery taste and aromas of black berry and cassis make it a perfect choice for roast lamb, smoked sausage and chicken wings.

N°1 Rosé is made from Cinsault, Grenache and Carignan grapes, famous in Provence. Fresh tasting, neither too sweet nor dry, it has a magnificent melon-salmon colour and gives off aromas of red berries and white flowers. Perfect with fish, sushi, Chinese pork belly strips, steamed Chinese pork, lobster, grilled burgers…

N°1 White is fresh and easy to drink, made from a combination of rare grapes from Languedoc, le Chasan, and the well-known Sauvignon Blanc.With delicate aromas of white peach, melon, stone fruit and accents of lime citrus, it is perfect with mixed salads, pad thai noodles and seafood.